Rhode Island Thanksgiving Dinner Out — Best Private Chef
From his beginnings at the well-known Leon's on the West Side to his catering, Chef Bill Andrews is known for his distinctive dishes and his pleasant service.
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Rhode Island Thanksgiving Dinner Out — Best Private Chef

Private Chef Bill Andrews, Your Place

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner instead of working it. Probably best known by Rhode Islanders for his popular restaurant, Leon’s on The West Side, Bill Andrews, has been cooking and catering for 30 years. Now he has added a unique niche–intimate dining. Not only will your guests be treated to his exceptional dishes and lovely presentation, Bill serves the meal as well. This allows your guests to learn how to prepare a delectable dish, savor a special meal with wine pairing, and leave with an amazing recipe. You’ll have nothing to do but entertain and enjoy!  Gift certificates available. Call: 401-273-2734